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Our flush doors are designed to connect your Manchester home to its garden. Choose a single or double flush door that will give you brilliant access to the outside. The slim sightlines of our doors will give you beautiful views of your garden whilst filling your property with natural daylight.

Our flush doors don’t just boast visual appeal; thanks to our innovative manufacturing, they offer long-term performance. From the weatherseals to the advanced locking systems, you can feel completely secure within your Manchester home. Here is a door that gives you everything you need.

Here at the Heritage Window Collection, we supply flush doors that excel. As we take care of the manufacturing, you can design a door that harmonises with your Manchester home. Each part of your property should look good; that is why our flush doors work well with any property.

High-Quality Locks

Security is important to all of us. You need to feel safe in your Manchester home at all times. We use a combination of locking systems to help you feel protected from unwelcome intruders. 3-hook locks and shootbolts are just some of the reasons why our doors are PAS 24 approved.

10-Year Guarantee

uPVC is one of the most popular materials on the market and a great option for our flush doors. They have a long shelf life and require little maintenance. Each of our doors come with a ten-year guarantee so that you know that we always have your back. A secure option for your Manchester home.


Double and triple glazing can be fitted into our flush doors. These glazing options can help to improve the sound insulation of your Manchester home. Our products will reduce the amount of external noise that you hear in your living space. We are here to help you relax on your property.

Timber Aesthetic

We designed our flush doors to imitate the beautiful look of timber. Often timber poses a lot of problems. That’s why we have used uPVC material to eliminate these issues. uPVC boasts long-term performance, and it is extremely functional. It can be made into any configuration and still look after homes.

Key Features

  • You can design flush doors to complement the interior and exterior of your Manchester home. Our doors are made to measure to ensure they match the dimensions of your property. There are 26 colourways and hardware accessories for you to choose from.

  • Each of our flush doors is tested against the latest industry regulations. These tests include Air Permeability, Water Tightness and Wind Resistance. Our doors have passed all assessments. They are designed to protect your Manchester home against unruly wind and water ingress.

  • We offer low threshold options for our range of flush doors. You can have a door that is lower towards the ground for better accessibility. This is a great option for homeowners that require better access to wheelchairs. Get in touch with us to discuss our options.

  • Our flush doors can perfectly match our range of flush windows. uPVC is completely versatile and can be made into any design. You can choose windows and doors that add charm to your Manchester home. We can find a door that will match your existing windows and doors.

A+ Rated Approved Document M
Heritage Window Colour Collection

We are known for our excellent colour options for our flush doors. Homeowners don’t just want to stick with white; there are many roads to go down. From grey to oak, there are 26 colourways for you to choose from.

You can find a colour that matches your existing aesthetic or creates a beautiful contrast. You can work with our fabricators and us to find the right fit for your Manchester home. The world is your oyster with our flush doors.

Heritage White
White Grain
Ice Cream
Classic Cream
Agate Grey
Chartwell Green
English Oak
Irish Oak
Nut Tree
Golden Oak
Smooth Anthracite Grey
Smooth Matt Anthracite
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash

Improved Insulation

Double or triple glazing can be added to our flush doors to provide homeowners with enhanced thermal performance. The glazing will trap and retain your Manchester property’s natural heat. It can also prevent cold winds from creeping in. Feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our flush doors can achieve energy ratings as high as A and U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K with the inclusion of triple glazing. Our flush doors are a worthwhile investment that is incredibly sustainable. As you rely less on your central heating, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Flush Door Prices Manchester

Choose our beautiful flush doors for your home in Manchester. Create a timeless and elegant look that will be the envy of your visitors. We work with fantastic fabricators and installers up and down the country. Find your local fabricator today and work on a design that complements your property.

We are, of course, on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Send us a message through our online contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you. You can also give us a ring on 01249 816 969. We are market-leading suppliers and will give you our professional and impartial advice.

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