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Whether you are looking for something modern and bold, or something classic and natural, our flush doors can suit almost any Shrewsbury property. They come with thick double glazing to provide excellent thermal efficiency year round, and the bespoke locking mechanisms can grant peace of mind against unwanted intrusion.

Enjoy products that blend security and style without compromise when you choose flush doors by Deceuninck. Find a fabricator today on our website, or register to be an installer for our high performance products.

Energy Efficient

The double glazed panes that come standard with all our flush doors can help keep Shrewsbury homes warm and comfortable throughout the year. Even in the coldest months, the panes can trap ambient heat between them, stopping heat from escaping and being wasted. By wasting less heat, homes can become much more efficient with their energy usage, potentially saving the homeowner money in the long run.


These flush doors are constructed with uPVC, a strong and modern material that is capable of withstanding sudden blows, prying attempts, and harsh weather conditions. Plus, our profiles are designed for structural integrity and can stand the test of time with only minimal maintenance. There’s no chance of these doors getting splinters or ever needing to be sanded or varnished. The colours and woodgrain foils we use are robust and are designed to resist fading over time.


Even in the harshest of weather conditions, Shrewsbury homeowners can remain safe, warm, and dry thanks to our weather resistant flush doors. The flush profile is designed to fit neatly within the frame, and when combined with the double glazing and thermally broken uPVC profile, cold draughts and leaks can be easily prevented. Our hardware is constructed to stand up to fast winds, so you can have peace of mind that the only thing you’ll be blown away by is our doors' performance.

Classic & Contemporary

No matter if you have a contemporary or classic home, these flush doors can be customised to match any existing aesthetic. With plenty of colourways and woodgrain foils to choose from, they can blend in with the windows around them or make a bold statement with stand out fade resistant colours. We also offer a variety of hardware types and glass that can offer even further customisation specifications.

Key Features

  • Choose between bespoke double or triple glazing to suit your budget and energy efficiency needs. Double glazing offers a balance between performance and weight, while the triple glazing upgrade can achieve U-values as low as 1.0W/n2K.

  • The durable profile and glazing can help reduce the noise from outside, helping to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Shrewsbury homeowners can say goodbye to noisy neighbours and bothersome traffic with our sound resistant flush doors.

  • We can provide an extensive and comprehensive ten year guarantee for total peace of mind that your flush doors will stand the test of time. All it takes is a wet cloth or sponge to keep the doors clean, and our doors can provide peak performance for decades.

  • We are pleased to be able to offer a reduced threshold to make our flush doors suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. Low thresholds can help make the doors more accessible and, when combined with the slimline uPVC frames, allow for a totally sleek look.

A+ Rated Approved Document M
Heritage Window Colour Collection

Get flush doors that suit your specific needs with the Heritage Colour Collection. We can provide everything from natural Chartwell green to rosewood so that you get a seamless aesthetic.

Our finishes are built to withstand adverse weather conditions, and their accurate timber look can grant a feeling of classic ambience to even the most modern of homes. Enjoy the benefits of traditional timber style with all the modern benefits of robust and long lasting uPVC. Discover some of our range below!

Heritage White
White Grain
Ice Cream
Classic Cream
Agate Grey
Chartwell Green
English Oak
Irish Oak
Nut Tree
Golden Oak
Smooth Anthracite Grey
Smooth Matt Anthracite
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash

Sustainable Doors

While our flush doors may be constructed using uPVC, our eco-friendly customers will be pleased to hear that we craft our flush doors and many other products using recycled materials. Alongside our sustainable crafting practices, these doors are designed to last for potentially decades with only minimal upkeep requirements. They can provide peak performance without the need for constant repairs, maintenance, or replacements.

Additionally, the flush doors thick double glazing and thermally broken profile allows for heightened energy efficiency, leading to less energy consumption year after year. Using less energy can help reduce the homeowner's carbon footprint, leading to a more environmentally friendly neighbourhood.

Flush Door Prices Shrewsbury

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