How Energy Efficient Are Flush Sash Windows?

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Flush sash windows sit flush within their frames, providing homes with a sleek and simplistic style. However, it’s essential to consider the practicality of windows when installing them within your home alongside the aesthetics they offer. No one wants to sacrifice their home’s energy efficiency for style alone, so flush sash windows from the Heritage Windows Collection by Deceuninck combine high efficiency with style so you don’t have to compromise.

Find out below how we ensure our flush sash windows remain energy efficient while offering an excellent range of customisation options.


Bespoke Glazing

All our flush sash windows come with bespoke, industry-leading double glazing as standard. Double glazing comprises two separate panes of glass, which traps heat between them, preventing the heat within your home from leaking to the outside. This can help improve any home’s energy efficiency, as less wasted heat means that the heating systems within the home won’t need to be turned up or left on for as long in order to keep the home comfortable. Additionally, homeowners could benefit from a reduced carbon footprint thanks to the reduction in energy consumption, leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly household.

Our flush sash windows come with 16 glass styles to choose from, including patterned, textured, and decorative glass. Each one can perform at a high standard while granting you the perfect aesthetic. Plus, they can each be upgraded to laminated or toughened glass so that you can have total control over the energy efficiency, style, and safety of your flush sash windows.

If you’d like to learn more about our flush sash windows, click here to see all the details.

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Modern Materials

Timber windows can warp or crack as the years go by, causing gaps within the profile where leaks or draughts can emerge. These issues can allow heat to escape, lowering the overall efficiency of the window. This is why we design our flush sash windows with uPVC profiles due to the excellent robust yet lightweight properties that uPVC offers. Not only is uPVC capable of standing up to more than timber, but it can also be manufactured with hidden chambers that act in a similar fashion to double glazing, trapping natural heat to prevent it from escaping to the outside and being wasted. 

These undetectable chambers, the robust damage-resistant profiles, and the double glazing work together to ensure that the flush sash windows we offer can perform at top levels of efficiency while still looking sleek and flush within their frames. Additionally, thanks to our extensive range of colours and hardware options, your windows can operate smoothly in the way that best suits you.

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Why Choose The Heritage Window Collection For Flush Sash Windows?

Our flush sash windows use all the modern methods on the market to provide excellent energy efficiency without compromising the elegant simplicity of the flush sash design. You can customise your flush sash windows with a vast range of colours, hardware and glazing options to build the perfect windows for your next project. If you’re in need of increased security, we can upgrade your double glazing to laminated or toughened glass for industry-leading safety. 

Even if your project lies within a conservation area or requires a more traditional timber look, we’re proud to offer 26 unique woodgrain foils that can stand up to the closest scrutiny. Your traditional property can enjoy all the benefits of highly efficient modern windows without sacrificing the classic aesthetic.

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Replace your old windows with new flush sash windows by Deceuninck and discover how much you could save by using our energy savings calculator. If you’d like to learn more about the rest of our range or have any questions regarding our flush sash windows, call us at 01249 816969 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll respond to your queries as fast as possible. If you’re looking for a fabricator for our flush sash windows, check out our handy tool on our website to locate your nearest fabricator today.

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