Designed to replicate the look of traditional timber with all of the modern functionality that uPVC provides, they make a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for your home.

Flush casement windows date back to the 19th century where they were the hallmark of British architecture in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties. Throughout the 1950s the trend continued, with double glazing becoming available and window designs evolving into more modern styles. Nowadays, you can opt for uPVC or aluminium flush casement windows that have over taken timber windows in terms of performance and benefits.

Faithfully reproducing the original flush casement window style, Deceuninck have brought them into the 21st century adding exceptional thermal efficiency, high security and stunning aesthetics all rolled into one. Only using premium grade materials, our flush casement windows make for a low maintenance and sustainable solution that is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

You won’t find flush casement windows at this quality anywhere else, with a whole range of styles, colours and finishes, our window solutions are the market leading profile currently available. Don’t settle for best when it comes to your home improvement project.

Why Choose our Flush Casement Window Design?

Virtually maintenance free, our flush casement windows look like timber without the issues they suffer with. You won’t need to worry about rotting, warping or discoloration over time. If you’re looking for an authentic wood solution with all of the modern benefits of uPVC, our flush casement windows are the choice for you.

Exuding luxury, our flush sash window range is highly sought after and is the perfect replacement for dated or worn windows. Giving your home a new lease of life, we offer window solutions for your home improvement project that are budget-friendly and extremely competitively priced.

You can create a flush casement window design that is bespoke to your home, selecting a unique look with excellent glazing, hardware and colour options. Your windows will be the envy of the entire neighbourhood with designs that can blend into the building or stand out with contrast.

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The Benefits you gain when choosing our Flush Casement Windows

When you select flush casement windows for your home, you will find that increased natural light will enter your property providing a warm and bright atmosphere. The thermal benefits of your newly installed windows will help reduce your energy bills, assisting you in lowering your carbon footprint. All of our windows are designed to achieve high energy ratings, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Deceuninck flush casement windows.

Each and every flush casement window is made for you and your home, customised so that it complements your property and personal taste. You won’t need to worry about your windows being a weak spot in your home for break-ins as our flush casement windows offer a robust and sturdy profile with high security locking mechanisms inbuilt as standard.

We understand that life happens quickly and you won’t always have the time to dedicate to up keeping your home. Our flush casement windows provide a virtually maintenance free solution meaning that you won’t have to spend time or money keeping them at optimum condition. A simple wipe down from time to time will suffice which gives you time to spend on the more important things.

Heritage Window Colour Collection

Customise your Flush Casement Windows to your Taste

We’re known for colour. In fact, we’d go as far as saying we’re the colour people! We offer a vast range of colours in our Heritage Colour Collection with 26 colourways from stock so that you can create the ideal palette for your home. We have 6 premium woodgrain colour foils and 18 unique colour foils giving you a lot of choice.

You can peruse our hand-picked colours including Chartwell Green, English Oak, Classic Cream and Rosewood. Select dual colours so that you can tailor the inside of the frame to the interior of your home and the outside to your property surroundings. We provide matching ancillaries, trims and accessories so that you can create a seamless and consistent aesthetic throughout your home, setting the tone nicely.

White Grain
Classic Cream
Chartwell Green
Irish Oak
Golden Oak
Nut Tree
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash
Agate Grey
Ice Cream
English Oak
Heritage White
Anthracite Smooth
Antique Black
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Graphite
Hardex Gold
Matching Traditional Peg Stay
Antique Black
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Graphite
Hardex Gold
Matching Traditional Peg Stay
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Gold
Hardex Gold
Hardex Graphite

Heritage Glass Options

Charcoal Sticks

Flush Casement Window Design Prices

Enjoy the flush casement window design without breaking the bank. We provide exquisite sash casement design profiles for all property types, whether you own a traditional style property or a contemporary home.

Our expert team can answer any questions that you might have about any of our product range from windows and doors. We provide a wide range of hardware options for our flush casement windows which come in a number of different metallic finishes and shades.

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