Add value your home in Southampton with a fantastic chamfered sash window. Our chamfered sash windows are the perfect solution to those looking for a durable, stylish, secure new window. The outward opening sashes offer a clean look with exceptional visual appeal. Improve your property with our chamfered sash windows.

Chamfered sash windows are distinguished with slim line frames made with straight angular edges. With the windows we have the option for a dummy sash feature. This gives the windoows an attractive appearance, ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes. Make a worthwhile investment with Heritage Window Collection.

Customise the look of your chamfered sash windows with our range of design options. We have a selection of colours and finishes, all designed with durability in mind. We also offer a range of beautiful handles and delicate glass designs for a bespoke finish to your windows.

Energy Efficient

Reduce the heat loss in your Southampton property with our chamfered sash windows. The energy-efficient profile as well as the double glazing, work in harmony to keep heat circulating for longer. The double glazing creates a pocket of warm air, acting as a thermal barrier. Maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year with our windows.

Lower Carbon Footprint

You will notice a drastic drop in your heat usage with our chamfered sash windows.You can take advantage of lower energy bills, saving you money in the long-term. Make a difference to the environment as you will produce fewer harmful emissions, lowering your carbon footprint. Make a sustainable choice with our windows.


Living in the U.K, it's commonplace for the weather to be unpredicatable. Therefore we believe it's important to choose a home improvement that will perform without damage during the most extreme wetaher conditions. The superior uPVC we use provides internal strength, preventing the window from warping, rotting or cracking.

Safe and Secure

We integrate robust locking systems in all our chamfered sash windows. The locking mechanisms will keep unwanted intruders out of your Southampton property, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. As well as this, the glass is internally beaded meaning it physically cannot be removed from the outside. Stay safe behind our windows.

Heritage 2500 Chamfered Sash Windows Video

Heritage Window Colour Collection

Our Heritage colour collection has been specially designed to help you put together the perfect colour palette for your home.

Every home is different, and our beautiful range of colours takes inspiration direct from nature to harmonise perfectly with your home and its surroundings, ensuring it stays looking good for years to come.

Heritage White
White Grain
Ice Cream
Classic Cream
Agate Grey
Chartwell Green
English Oak
Irish Oak
Nut Tree
Golden Oak
Smooth Anthracite Grey
Smooth Matt Anthracite
Anthracite Grey
Black Ash

Heritage Window Accessories

Customise the look of the chamfered sash windows to your preferred style and aesthetic. We have an array of options for you to choose from, including our beautiful handles. The style includes Teardrop, Monkey Tail and Connoisseur, each with a unique finish.

Choose from our colours and metals on offer for the handle. The design choice is yours to make for your Newscastle upon Tyne property.

Antique Black
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Graphite
Hardex Gold
Matching Traditional Peg Stay
Antique Black
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Graphite
Hardex Gold
Matching Traditional Peg Stay
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Gold
Hardex Gold
Hardex Graphite

Chamfered Sash Windows Feature Beauty and Design

When choosing a new window for your Southampton home, it's important to take into account longevity, security and style. These windows are an exceptional renovation which reach high standards in all these areas. Improve the look of your home with sleek, modern chamfered sash windows.

Tailor every last detail of the windows to your preference. Choose from our beautiful hardware and glazing options, and decide on the perfect colour and finish to suit you. Match the existing look of your Southampton home or make a statement.

We strive for an environmentally-friendly service with our products. Our chamfered sash windows are made with sustainable materials to reduce the carbon emissions produced. This means that once they reach the end of their lifespan, the profiles can be fully recycled. Make a positive impact on the planet with our chamfered sash windows.

Heritage Glass Options

Every element of the chamfered sash windows is tailored to your design preferences. We guarantee you will find something to suit the aesthetic of your home. Our ornate glazing designs are made too enhance the windows. This can be toughened or laminated for increased security.

Our obscured glass designs offer an aesthetically pleasing look to any property in Southampton. Choose from our floral, subtle or modern patterns for a fantastic finish.

We also offer Leaded and Georgian patterns. for a unique finish to any home.

Charcoal Sticks
Square Leaded
Diamond Leaded
Equal Sightlines
Unequal Sightlines
Internal Georgian Bars
External Georgian Bars
Equal Sightlines
Unequal Sightlines

Chamfered Sash Windows Prices Southampton

Enhance your Southampton home with our beautiful chamfered sash windows. We tailor every element of the windows to your preference for a bespoke home improvement. As they are made-to-measure, prices can vary for each customer.

We are not limited to Southampton, we also offer Chamfered Sash Windows in Birmingham, Bradford, Bromley, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Cheltenham, and surrounding areas.

Get in touch with us today to see our fantastic prices. You can use our contact page to ask us anything. Our team will answer any queries you have. You can give our office a call on 01249 816969 and we'll answer all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


ISO 9001
BSI Kitemark
Glass & Glazing Federation
Secured By Design
PAS 24

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