Benefits of Flush Sash Windows

benefits of flush sash windows

There are plenty of benefits of flush sash windows that can help any home, from enhancing the aesthetics of the property to increasing its security and safety features. At the Heritage Window Collection, our flush sash windows are designed to incorporate as many contemporary design features as possible while maintaining traditional looks. We install fantastic flush sash windows in Enfield, Kent, Newcastle upon tyne, Wolverhampton, Mansfield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Wiltshire, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Sunderland, Southampton, Essex, Rochester, Romford, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Derby, Exeter, Cardiff, Dartford, Guildford, Carmarthen, Gloucester, Chelmsford, Croydon, Cheltenham, Canterbury, Leeds, Pontefract, Bristol, Oxford, Bromley, Lincoln, Ashton Under Lyne, Upon Thames, Shrewbury and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the benefits of flush sash windows below, or find your local fabricator today to get started.

Slim Sightlines

The first benefit of flush sash windows is that they have slim and sleek sightlines, providing additional space for highly efficient double or triple glazing. Homes can be flooded with incredible amounts of natural light brightening properties while also offering excellent views that go unobstructed. 

Incredible Colours & Woodgrains

Another benefit of flush sash windows is that they can come in a massive variety of colours and shades to suit almost any property. At the Heritage Window Collection, we understand the value of having a unique colour scheme for each and every home. That’s why the Heritage colour collection includes 30 colours from stock. From Agate grey and English oak to Rosewood and Chartwell green, our flush sash windows can blend in beautifully with the aesthetic of any home type. 

Our woodgrains can mimic the true texture of timber while remaining easy to clean and vibrant even after years of use. PVCu flush sash windows have the benefit of looking their best for years after initial installation. Even heritage homes can benefit from our flush sash windows as the flush external contours are within line of period properties and can meet the requirements of most conservation officers. However, we always recommend checking with a planning or conservation officer first. Combined with the accurate woodgrains and authentic peg stay option, our flush sash windows can look truly heritage while incorporating all the benefits of modern ingenuity.

Energy Efficient

One of the critical features of modern windows is their capability to retain heat. Luckily, another one of the benefits of our flush sash windows is that they incorporate high quality double glazing as a standard. Plus, our flush sash windows are made using lightweight yet robust PVCu, which is also much more energy efficient than other profile materials. 

Heritage Window Collection flush sash windows are capable of reaching incredibly low U-values, such as 1.2  for double glazed and 0.90 for triple glazed. Additionally, these flush sash windows can even reach an energy rating of A++.

The major benefit to energy efficient flush sash windows is that they can allow homeowners to stay warm and comfortable without relying on utilities as often to heat their homes. Not only can this help reduce energy bills year on year, but it can also help improve the environment by cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions.


The benefits of flush sash windows don’t stop at just efficiency and style. Our windows have gone through extensive and rigorous testing to ensure that they are PAS 24 certified. Furthermore, all of them come with durable multi point locking systems as standard for complete peace of mind. PVCu is a long lasting material that can stand up to harsh winds and prying attempts, which, when combined with our tough glazing options, leads to a safer home.

Cold winds and draughts can be kept at bay without the fear of condensation buildup, thanks to the unique night vent facility. The glazing can remain crystal clear for years while standing strong against any weather.


Not only can our flush sash window’s thick glazing help to keep homes warm, but it can also help increase the sound resistance of a home. As sound passes through the first pane, it is trapped and dampened before it can pass through the next. This can lead to a quieter and more private home or help trap a homeowner’s noise within their own home to avoid disturbing neighbours.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other window styles, flush sash windows have their frames sit flat and smooth within the frame. The flush frame design can reduce the number of nooks and crannies for dirt or dust to accumulate, leading to an easy cleaning experience. Additionally, compared to something like traditional timber, PVCu is highly durable and can last for years without warping, splitting, or swelling. All it takes to maintain PVCu flush sash windows is the occasional wipe down with a wet sponge. 

Flush Sash Window Prices

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